Printer Scanner Support

Printer is the most used computer peripheral in homes and offices today and is usually fairly easy to use most of the times. But then there are times when the damn thing just won't work!! There can be a number of reasons ranging from simple command issues to driver software and operating system conflicts, to spooler errors to number of other printer errors and printer problems that are beyond the understanding of a novice user.

Let our experts help you. We can remotely login, troubleshoot and fix any problems that the printer might have, or walk you through it. Our certified technicians are expert in:

  1. General Printer Troubleshooting.
  2. Troubleshooting Spooler Problems and other Error Messages.
  3. Correcting Plug and Play Errors.
  4. Fixing Printer Carriage Jams.
  5. Network Printer Connection to Windows OS.
  6. Printer Software Optimization for improved performance.
  7. Help with setup and installation
  8. Driver software updates
  9. Other printer errors.
  • Speed Up & Optimization

    Our optimization service has been designed to speed up your computer’s performance. Your computer can run out of capacity over time and tends to slow down due to un-required files and useless data. Rkm Tech Suppot Experts will remove registry issues, junk files, useless data and defragment your system. Speed up your computer to keep up with the times.

  • Security

    Despite of the fact that you have installed one of the expensive anti-virus soft wares in your computer, it does not stop viruses coming into your computer

  • Support

    At RKM TECH SUPPORT we provide support for 24 hours a day. Not with standing we are a new player in the industry, we are committed to provide world class support...

  • Printer Support

    Printer issues are normal in our day today life. However, for a one stop solution, please call our world class experts at (1888-713-5215) for hassle free and quick resolution.

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